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One of our most popular features was the "Big Orange Wake-up Call".  Because we featured so much TN Football content we created this to kick of football weekends.  We sneak a10-12 member  live band into someones bedroom ad wake then up with Rockytop!  This time it's Dr Jerry Punch from ESPN.

While we primarily focused on entertainment bits we also dealt with many serious topics.  Unfortunately those kinds of things didn't make the "best of archive" and there's not a lot of those moments saved.  Here's sample of the show in the days after the Gatlinburg fires.

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Every football season I created several parody songs surrounding topical events or big games.  This one I "sang" (poorly) for the big Georgia game. This song got over 1 MILLION PLAYS on facebook between the station page and our show page.  The link is still up on our old show page.

Morgan Wallen was kind enough to come to my studio at home and record this song I wrote for football season.

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The Big Kahuna Wing Fest was a huge event each year.  We always featured some angle on the event.  Here we have a guy try wings that are off the "hot" scale.

This is a report that aired on the local CBS affiliate from our broadcast area at the awards show.

One of the MANY interviews we hosted.  Anthony Michael Hall was in town for ComicCon Knoxville.

We created lots of social media content.  This one promotes the "Coats For The Cold" campaign started at WIVK.

A social media country music news feature to promote the statoin/show.

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